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One of my first vacuums was a Hoover. I think my mom still has it boxed together with the old stuff in the garage. I can still hear its sound in my mind. Ok, lets leave the sentimentalism aside, I bet you didn’t know but Hoover practically started as a family business in 1908, when a cousin of the Hoover family (which at that time was producing leather goods) built and patented the first model. Later, the Hoovers acquired the patent and started a small factory in North Canton (New Berlin at that time). You see, even in those times, a good idea was simply not enough to make it, you had to have some capital to start the business, and Hoovers had that. Around the 30’s, the company was still selling suction sweepers, but the models were getting old and updated. Sometimes, you just need to be lucky in order to succeed, and that is the case of the Hoover company, as it met a great design engineer named Henry Dreyfuss. Mr. Dreyfuss completely redesigned the exterior of Hoover’s vacuum cleaners, and brought innovation to otherwise common and unattractive models for almost 20 years (starting in 1936 with the 150 model, and ending in 1957 with the convertible model). During these years, Hoover made a lot of breakthroughs, and even invented the world’s first cylinder cleaner – the Duster, and the world’s first handheld vacuum, the Dustette. The 150 model (the first one influenced by Dreyfuss) was a top vac during those times. It had incredible features, such as a time to empty bag indicator, automatic height adjustment by floor type, a lighter magnesium body and a two-speed motor. How cool was that in the 30’s? The Convertible, the last model influenced by Dreyfuss, was sold in millions, and is considered the best selling vacuum from Hoover. Its latest versions were sold in 1993, after which the line was discontinued. Around 1970, Hoover introduced the first self-propulsion system on its Dial-A-Matic model. Now, if you’re looking for the best price on a Hoover, or just need to see some Hoover deals, check out this carousel and click on any model you find interesting:

I find fascinating that a lot of people still use the verb “to hoover” when referring to cleaning activities. The influence of this company was so big in this industry, that its name just melted in people’s vocabulary. However, the competition has strengthen a lot in the last 15-20 years. On this background, a lot of management changes had taken place. Hoover company was sold by the Hoovers in 1986. A few years later, Maytag bought it at the stock market. The European division was sold to Candy in 1995. Maytag was bought by Whirlpool in 2006, and the Hoover department was left aside to Techtronic Industries, which closed the US factory back in 2007. IMO, the Hoover company lost market share due to its bad management. TTI also acquired VAX (Hoover equivalent in UK) and Dirt Devil in order to maintain its leadership position.

At the moment, Hoover brand is used in US exclusively to sell vacuums. In Europe, one can find Hoover dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances manufactured by Candy.

The 2 main lines Hoover counts at the moment are Air™ (suggesting light weight, since upright cordless models weight less than 10 lbs.) and WindTunnel®. Here are 2 of these models:

Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 BH50140

  • Read the full review of Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0
  • This cordless vacuum cleaner comes with 2 Extended Runtime LithiumLife™ Batteries which hold up to 25 mins each and can vacuum 2500 ft continuously (or better said, 10 regular rooms). Each battery needs only 3h to charge completely and the producer claims it delivers 3x more power than the batteries of the best selling cordless vacuum built by the competition.
  • Great suction power, segmented on 3 channels, based on WindTunnel® 3 Technology.
  • Although it weights only 10 lbs., Hoover overkills it by deploying its Steerable Technology integrated into the handle.
  • Its dirt cup has a capacity of 0.277 gallons, which is OK for a cordless vac. The cup can be disposed by pressing a single button.
  • Easy switch between hard floor and carpet surfaces, also at a push of a button.
  • Washable HEPA filters.
  • Accessories include a hard floor brush roll, a removable cleaning wand, a pivoting dusting tool, an additional filter and a 2-in-1 cleaning tool. If your cleaning needs are not satisfied by these, you can also buy an extra Air™ tools pack for $60, which includes a wide variety of specific brushes and a storage bag.
  • The vac also comes with a battery level indicator.
  • A nice flavor added by Hoover: LED lights.
  • 5 year of warranty – I’m more than happy with this.
  • Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400
  • Read my full Hoover Air Steerable Upright UH72400 review
  • Is based on WindTunnel® 3 Technology, which uses 3 suction channels to suck up the dirt.
  • Uses Steerable Technology integrated in the handle to facilitate the usage around tight furniture spots.
  • Comes equipped with a Multi-Floor Brushroll, which allows you to turn the brush roll on or off,  depending on what surface you want to vacuum.
  • Still an Air™ product, so it weights only 14 lbs., which increases usability.
  • The HEPA Media filter is easy to wash, based on the Reusable Easy Rinse Filter  technology. The AllergenBlock™ Technology registered by Hoover blocks 99%  of the particles bigger that 0.5 microns.
  • Uses a system called Bottom-Release Cup to help you dispose the dust compartment  with just a push of a button, so  you no longer need to get your hands full with dust and debris.
  • Uses the still disputed patent with Dyson over the Cyclonic technology, which prevents the filter from getting clogged thus losing suction with time.
  • Has an ergonomic design with a low profile, suitable for vacuuming under beds and other pieces of furniture.
  • Comes with a detachable handle & wand that allows you to get to high stairs, shelves and so on.
  • You can easy handle the hose using the Quick Fit™ Hose attachment
  • Comes with several accessories such as the 2 in 1 crevice tool and the extension wand.
  • Has 5 years of limited warranty, which shows how great this product really is.
  • As a final word, I would like to add I’m a big fan of the Hoover company. I love brands, and Hoover is one of them. I’m a bit disappointed by their evolution within the last 15 years, however, their latest products are outstanding. I’m already excited by the Air™ line, I believe that weight is a big issue and I love gadgets that have a high degree of usability, such as the ones presented above

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