Hoover FloorMate FH40010 SpinScrub Product Review – New Options For Cleaning Hard Floor Surfaces

The new Hoover FloorMate hard floor cleaner is truly a great product for homeowners. This new hard floor cleaner is not meant for commercial use, though does a great job for homeowners. The new FloorMate vacuums, scrubs and dries multiple hard surfaces. The brushes rotate in multiple directions providing great scrubbing action for many hard floors and assist in loosening built in dirt. The cleaner also comes with a collapsible folding handle to store nicely in closets.

The Hoover FloorMate is different than many other tools in the market to assist in cleaning floors. Unlike a steam mop which can do a great job in extracting dirt; this device will also vacuum up the debris that you’re removing with the scrub brushes. One of the many new features added is the rotating brush which allows built on dirt to be loosened, though gently so as to not scratch the floors. Hoover has added a trigger control to the handle to allow for detergent to be released quickly for assistance in loosening any built in dirt. One of the best features is the squeegee which will assist in drying floors faster. Hoover has also kept the dual tank feature for the clean water to remain separate from the dirty water which is a nice feature when cleaning hard surfaces.

Homeowners can now put away the mop and bucket with this new device. It is almost as light as steam mops weighing just less than 14 pounds, but the added weight is because of the great vacuum feature which is a tradeoff for homeowners to decide on. Hoover has also included many free chemical samples with this new unit, though will only be offering this for the first few months and then just producing the machine without the free samples. Hoover will continue offering the FloorMate H3060 with tools for those looking for extra cleaning capabilities, though at a higher price. For cleaning of floors and scrubbing action the new Widepath SpinScrub is a great choice based on the early test.

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