Are you looking for a versatile wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove dry dust and dirt but also wet debris and spillages? If so, you probably need a high-quality Hoover hard floor cleaner to keep your floor clean. 

Wet and dry vacuums were initially designed to use in commercial properties. These days, manufacturers have made many newer and more compact models, making them handy for domestic use. These machines are specially designed to tackle liquids and wet patches. 

Our Hoover floormate deluxe review will provide you with an in-depth analysis of this water-based floor cleaner from Hoover. 


How is a regular vacuum different from a wet/dry vacuum? 

While researching and collecting material to write this Hoover floormate deluxe review, we’ve come across questions like “how does a traditional vacuum differ from a wet/dry vacuum?” Or “can I use a wet and dry vacuum like a regular one?”.

Therefore, we believe it’s best to include a quick explanation about the difference between wet/dry vacuums and traditional vacuums. This small section of the article will be especially helpful for first-time buyers.

A wet/dry vacuum like the Hoover floormate hard floor cleaner is not meant to replace a regular floor cleaner. They are made to deal with wet spillages, and they do not have motorised brush heads. Due to this lack of spinning brushes, these types of machines do not function well on carpets and upholstered surfaces.

So who is a wet/dry vacuum for? Even though these devices are often associated with heavy-duty cleaning tasks on construction sites, any homeowners would benefit from them. If the majority of your floor is timber, laminate, tiles or the like, you will need a wet/dry vacuum. 

Parents of small children or pet owners will appreciate the functions of this versatile machine. Imagine using a few rolls of toilet papers to clean up bedroom spills or bathroom messes from your toddlers. The Hoover floormate cleaner will make your cleanups much less time-consuming. 

Hoover – a well-established floor-care brand that has been taking care of many houses for more than 100 years 

Founded in 1907, Hoover has a rich history of product development and innovation, making it a well-known brand in the US, Europe and Australia. With a wide array of products distributed all over the globe, its comprehensive product lines can meet the needs of many customers. 

Hoover products are affordable compared to other big-named brands in the industry. Besides, customers can also enjoy extended warranty programs when buying reliable products from this American floor-care brand. 

Hoover is also known as a brand with great product diversity. You can find full-sized machines like uprights and canisters that are available in both bagged and bagless versions. If you need more compact devices, Hoover has you covered with its sticks, handhelds.

For other specific purposes, there are polishers, shampooers, carpet cleaners or wet and dry vacuums. Hoover devices come in both corded and cordless, giving customers a wide variety of choice to choose from. 

Why rent while you can buy a Hoover wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

Hoover wet and dry vacuums are designed for jobs that are too tough for a regular vacuum cleaner to handle. They are ideal devices to clean mud, sand and sawdust from the house after your  DIY projects. These vacuums are also great for car and garage cleaning. 

The design of wet and dry vacuum cleaners vary, but Hoover machines usually include two reservoirs to keep the liquids and solids separately. Similar to the mechanism of a conventional vacuum, the Hoover wet and dry cleaner picks up the dirt and spills through an inlet port, then releases it into either the dry or liquid bucket.

You’re probably thinking the operation of Hoover wet/dry vacuums is complicated, so it’s probably expensive to buy one. Fret not! The Hoover fh40160pc is affordable at just around $150. 

Hoover deluxe hardwood floor cleaner – pros and cons


  • • Perfect for quick cleanups
  • • Lightweight and convenient to store
  • • Has two water tanks  
  • • Have two brushes for different surface cleaning
  • • Powerful angled brushes for deep cleaning
  • • Large-sized water tank (48 ounces)
  • • Easy to manoeuvre
  • • Its handle can fold down, making it easy to store 
  • • Has 2-years-motor warranty program 


  • • Not suitable for carpets
  • • Does not feature swivel steering 
  • • A bit loud in wash mode. 
  • • Short power cord (20 feet) 
  • • Might struggle to pick up large debris

Hoover floormate deluxe review

Dimension and weight 

As the name suggests, the Hoover floormate deluxe hard floor cleaner is a vacuum specially designed for hard floors. The machine weighs13.8 lbs, with dimensions of 13 x 12 x 44 inches, making it a compact and lightweight machine to use for daily cleaning tasks.

If the above weight and dimension of the Hoover fh40160pc do not give you a clear picture of how it feels to hold in your hands, here follows a quick comparison of a few well-known models on the market. 

For example, Vacmaster VBV1210 is a familiar wet/dry vacuum among many homeowners and professionals. It weighs 24.9 pounds and measures 18.44 x 20.52 x 24.49 inches. DeWALT DXV09P is a powerful but hefty machine. This 22.5-pounds device comes at the dimension of 18 x 22 x 17.5 inches. Craftsman CMXEVBE17590 seems to be a smaller vacuum from the first glance, but it’s also heavier than the Hoover fh40160pc. 

So if you’re keen on a compact wet/dry vacuum, the Hoover floormate deluxe fh40160 wet/dry upright vacuum is worth your consideration. But aside from its weight and size, are there any other features that shoppers should know? We’ll go into further details of this machine’s parts and technologies right below. 

Dual tank technology

The Hoover deluxe hardwood floor cleaner has two tanks to separate clean and dirty water. They are both easy to remove for filling, emptying and washing. Each tank can hold one and a half quarts, giving you enough water to scrub an area of 400 square feet. 

Both Hoover Floormate and Bissell Crosswave have two water tanks, but the former’s tanks are on two sides of the unit, whereas the latter’s tanks are located on the front and back of the machine. In our test, the location of the tanks did not show any effects on the machines’ performance. However, in terms of aesthetics, the Floormate has a more compact look and feel. 

When it comes to the cleaning heads, the difference between them is pretty straightforward. The Hoover Floormate utilises two rotating brushes with SpinScrub Brush technology to clean spillages, stains and grime on sealed hard floors. The Bissell Crosswave, however, uses a multi-surface brush roll to tackle messes on multiple surfaces. 

While both models have washable filters, the Bissell Crosswave’s power cord is longer. However, its smaller water tank can be a drawback if you’re parents of toddlers or pet owners who have to get rid of messes in the house regularly. 

Even though the Hoover Floormate and Bissell Crosswave both come with a warranty program of 2 years, their price tags are different. The Hoover machine comes at around $155 only, whereas the Bissell device is $100 more expensive.

Now if the majority of your floor is wood, laminate or tile, then the Hoover Floormate is undoubtedly a better choice. But if you also need to clean an area rug, then you might need to weigh up the pros and cons of two models carefully before making a purchase decision. 


The Hoover fh40160pc is undoubtedly a versatile and affordable hard floor cleaner, and this has been proven by lots of positive customer feedback on Amazon. Customers with pets and kids also praised this machine for its outstanding performance.

Many owners also compared this Hoover with the mop that they’ve used before. While using traditional mops leaves dirt and debris behind, using a perfectly-designed hard floor cleaner like Hoover floormate leaves the floors perfectly clean. 


Hoover floormate hard floor cleaner is a lightweight, versatile and affordable wet and dry cleaner. It effectively cleans up all kinds of wet spills, stains and messes on your laminated, timber, tile floors, better yet, it instantly dries your floors with one swipe. Therefore, the machine is super convenient to use for homeowners with small children and pets. 

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